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Advancements in technology makes it possible for new features to be used in video delivery. With recent streaming video technology used so widely on tubes it became possible to watch videos without downloading them. Celeb Sex Tube is the blog which features popular celebrity sex tape that you can watch without leaving it. If you decide to download any of the featured videos online, just get inside for the full collection of them.

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Kelli McCarty Sex Tape

The United States has quite a few Misses from beauty pageants that get noticed fucking on their sex tapes. And even if with Allison Williams the case of her being involved into having sex with crew member remains unclear, Kelli McCarty hides nothing and shows everything including her cock sucking skills. Last year she signed a contract about making a full hardcore video with one of the leading porn production companies…

Kelli McCarty Sex Tape

Megan Fox Nude Sex Scene

First nude scene of Megan Fox that appeared on screen. She swims naked in cold lake and then gets out of the water. There isn’t much of her beautiful body to see in the clip, only shoulders and legs. There rest is left for you to fantasize about. However, there is a place where she appears topless. Click here to view paparazzi footage of the location which has been done during the scene filming…

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Transformer’s star Megan in new nude scene -

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Shauna Sand Sex Tape

You couldn’t have missed this Shauna Sand masterpiece, a self-made sex tape which she promoted so heavily herself. Shauna Sand is a former Playboy Playmate, where ‘former’ means dating back something like twenty years ago when she was fresh and hot. She hadn’t become popular back than, so she decided to make up for it being a forty years old mom of three. What came out of it is a questionable video of her and her younger partner Lorenzo making out in Miami apartment. It looks staged even if it might seem there is no other person in the room except the two…

Shauna Sand Sex Tape

Meg White Sex Tape

The discussion still continues about authenticy of the following Meg White video. The girl on tape looks exactly like her, same hair-style, big boobs, round ass and even a bit of a tummy which looks just like the one Meg has. And she still hasn’t claimed it is her on this video to enjoy increased popularity which sex tape releases have brought to other celebrities. She might be to shy to admit her participation in the following video and she might be the first only celebrity whose home sex video has actually been stolen and now she is embarrassed about that…

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Kim Kardashian Blowjob Sex Tape

Classic doesn’t get old – it stays there to remind us what a great time someone has had making a particular masterpiece. Just take big boob big booty Kim Kardashian who sucked and fucked her way to become one of the most recognizable celebrities today. Check out the following movie clip of her giving a blowjob to her back then boyfriend Ray J. It is amazing how skillful this girl is when it comes to working 12 inches of long black cock… Watch the full video to see it moving inside her big juicy ass which makes her moan in pleasure…

Kim Kardashian Blowjob On Tape

Celeb Tube Site and Live Cam Shows

Have you ever found one of those celeb tube sites where you can watch all the hot celeb sex scenes you want? I always go for the Angelina Jolie stuff but maybe Paris Hilton is more your thing? No matter what celebrity makes you hard though you are bound to find what you’re looking for. After watching some celebrity tube clips, l like to wrap up the night by going to check out a live cam show or two. The girls at this one site are so hot and dirty and they really know how to play into your celebrity fantasies.

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Pamela Anderson Sex Tape

To make this collection of celeb sex tapes complete and for those who for some reason haven’t seen first Pamela Anderson video with Brett Michaels, here’s the clip. It has been around for almost a decade and started the whole celeb fuck tape craze which goes around now. Given the fact that Pam didn’t set a plank high with her performance here, where only general position is used, it was soon beaten by Paris Sex Tape, which has become the most famous uncensored celebrity video yet…

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Famous Pamela and Tommy honeymoon video -

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Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Just eight days left before the moment Superstar Kim Kardashian will be officially locked in a marriage with another star Kris Humphries. It’s been almost 4 years later since her celebrity life started with the appearance on sex tape having sex with ex-boyfriend Ray J. The tape brought her fame other aspiring celebrities can only dream of. Magazine photo shoots, talk shows, her own reality show and all other offers is what Kim received for sucking and fucking in the release of initial 45 minutes (later extended to 60 minutes Part 2) tape. Follow the link below to see the video clips of this life-adjusting footage…

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Paris Hilton Blowjob Sex Tape

Famous blonde sucks her way to the fame. Check out the following Paris Hilton blowjob video which made her popular as she is now. Her sex tape was the first example of how virtually any known babe can get extra attention just by showing her cock handling skills. It is currently followed by many celebs around the world who produce their home fuck videos at an alarming rate…

Paris Hilton Blowjob Sex Tape