Kim Kardashian Blowjob Sex Tape

Classic doesn’t get old – it stays there to remind us what a great time someone has had making a particular masterpiece. Just take big boob big booty Kim Kardashian who sucked and fucked her way to become one of the most recognizable celebrities today. Check out the following movie clip of her giving a blowjob to her back then boyfriend Ray J. It is amazing how skillful this girl is when it comes to working 12 inches of long black cock… Watch the full video to see it moving inside her big juicy ass which makes her moan in pleasure…

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Have you ever found one of those celeb tube sites where you can watch all the hot celeb sex scenes you want? I always go for the Angelina Jolie stuff but maybe Paris Hilton is more your thing? No matter what celebrity makes you hard though you are bound to find what you’re looking for. After watching some celebrity tube clips, l like to wrap up the night by going to check out a live cam show or two. The girls at this one site are so hot and dirty and they really know how to play into your celebrity fantasies.

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Pamela Anderson Sex Tape

To make this collection of celeb sex tapes complete and for those who for some reason haven’t seen first Pamela Anderson video with Brett Michaels, here’s the clip. It has been around for almost a decade and started the whole celeb fuck tape craze which goes around now. Given the fact that Pam didn’t set a plank high with her performance here, where only general position is used, it was soon beaten by Paris Sex Tape, which has become the most famous uncensored celebrity video yet…

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Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Just eight days left before the moment Superstar Kim Kardashian will be officially locked in a marriage with another star Kris Humphries. It’s been almost 4 years later since her celebrity life started with the appearance on sex tape having sex with ex-boyfriend Ray J. The tape brought her fame other aspiring celebrities can only dream of. Magazine photo shoots, talk shows, her own reality show and all other offers is what Kim received for sucking and fucking in the release of initial 45 minutes (later extended to 60 minutes Part 2) tape. Follow the link below to see the video clips of this life-adjusting footage…

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Paris Hilton Blowjob Sex Tape

Famous blonde sucks her way to the fame. Check out the following Paris Hilton blowjob video which made her popular as she is now. Her sex tape was the first example of how virtually any known babe can get extra attention just by showing her cock handling skills. It is currently followed by many celebs around the world who produce their home fuck videos at an alarming rate…

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Gena Lee Nolin Sex Tape

‘Baywatch’ star Gena Lee Nolin was an object of fantasies for so many men back in 90s when the series was on. Blonde in a swimsuit on the beach – what else could a man dream about of back then? However, when her tape came out male population felt a bit disappointed. The blonde wasn’t as perfect at she seemed to be on screen. The tape didn’t hit any charts of celebrity fuck tapes or anything and remained almost unnoticed among other celeb sex tapes such as Kim Kardashian’s video…

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Scandalous video of Lindsay Lohan giving a blowjob to her back then boyfriend Calumn Best outside a night club where they had been seen together. The footage has been allegedly taken on a cell phone by one of their friends they were hanging out with that night. It then was leaked online and picked up by several celeb porn sites…

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Noelia Monge Sex Tube

Puerto Rican singer Noelia has been seen not in one but two sex yapes with different men. Second video featuring her having anal sex just like a porn star. She has everything we want to see in a celebrity fucking on tape, pretty face, nice pair of juicy tits and a great ass. She is slutty too, as shown in the first video, the clip from which is attached below, where she is fucking a married man. The ending of story with cheating husband remains unknown as not a year has passed as her second anal sex tape came out to take all the talks away from it…

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Steaming hot sex tape showing one of the sexiest babes in Hollywood, Carmen Electra. It is unlike those staged and orchestrated boring tapes of some celebrities wanting to become porn starts, Carmen’s video is home-made and only close friends are involved in it. Them being a hot brunette babe she does some lezzi action with and a guy behind the camera…

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Colin Farrell Sex Tape

Big cock male celebrity Colin Farrell is famous for his macho roles. He is also one of just a few Hollywood male celebs to appear in his own sex tape, which, in fact, is an interracial one. Balded Colin flashes his big dick, shows off his sexy black girlfriend, before giving her a ride of her life on his long pole. Watch the following video of him giving that black round ass some thick white cock then exploding his load all over her…

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